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Emilly In Darkness Is A Terrifying New Adventure

Horror themed games on Android tend to be more about graphic content than psychological terror. Most developers would rather slice a zombies head off than answer profoundly deep questions about death, something a new adventure title called Emilly In Darkness from indie developer ME2 Studio doesn’t shy away from with its dark story.

The games protagonist is murdered and wakes up in a dark, forest-like purgatory full of strange artifacts and demonic runes. After covering the gruesome hole in her head with an eye patch, she searches for a means to escape and soon realizes she’s not the only thing trapped in the hellish place. Other lost souls roam about, some helping but most speaking in cryptic riddles. Nightmarish creatures soon begin to attack Emilly with an insatiable hunger for blood, which oddly enough is also the one thing that can kill them. She’ll have to solve the mystery of her own death and survive the terrors that lurk in the Darkness if she ever wants to live again.


Emilly In Darkness is equal parts fast paced shooter and epic adventure. Players will use spells, traps, and other abilities to destroy the demonic entities inhabiting the games strange world. A deep skill tree lets players choose how they want to approach enemies; Set a sneaky trap, go in guns blazing, or sneak right past.


Emilly In Darkness is an intriguing new adventure with many twists and turns. You can pick it up for $1.99 on either Google Play or the Amazon App Store.

Google Play – Emilly In Darkness | Amazon App Store – Emilly In Darkness

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