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Relive LucasArts Golden Years With Fester Mudd

Anyone worried about the quality of the upcoming Leisure Suit Larry remake can put their mind at ease, Replay Games knows how to make a great adventure game. Look no further than their latest release, Fester Mudd: Curse Of The Gold, a hilarious and nostalgia heavy ode to the good old days when games like Monkey Island and Full Throttle were king.

This charming point ‘n click title has all the things that made the classics so great. Its retro style graphics absolutely nail the look of classic LucasArts games with an attention to detail and incredibly well animated characters that are second to none. Players will explore the colorful town of Loamsmouth in a search for their brother who has a newly found stash of gold. Of course things don’t go as planned and Fester bounces from one absurd situation to the next, solving puzzles and stopping crime along the way. The brain twisting conundrums in Fester Mudd will force players to look at puzzles in ways they haven’t since The Day Of The Tentacle.



  • Lush graphics and vivid sound effects that bring the Old West to life!
  • Classic adventuring interface allowing for sophisticated interactions!
  • Branching dialogues!
  • Dozens of classic inventory-style puzzles!
  • Overhead map for quick travel between regions!
  • An original soundtrack that perfectly evokes the era of Old West and Old School Adventure Games!
  • Cliffhanger ending that teases the next game in the series!
  • Countless jokes, gags, and tips-of-the-hat to the golden-age adventures of Sierra and LucasArts!


Fester Mudd is an impressive start for Replay Games and bodes well for their future titles. Could Replay Games be the new LucasArts? We can only hope.

You can pick up Fester Mudd: Episode 1 for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Fester Mudd: Episode 1

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