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Auralux Sheds Its Tegra Exclusivity

The real time strategy game Auralux has received high praise and positive reviews, but has also been a Tegra exclusive for some time now. Those without Nvidia’s latest SOC have been SOL when it comes to playing this beautiful strategy title. That all changes today as Auralux no longer requires a Tegra chip to experience its mesmerizing visuals and groovy soundtrack.

Auralux by War Drum Studios is a real time strategy game similar in design to the hit titles Galcon and Eufloria. Players will fight against the AI for control of suns scattered about each map. The suns are the games buildings, producing soldier units that can capture and defend other nearby stars.


Battles in Aurulux are truly a work of art. When friendly units encounter enemies, a furious light show begins that not only looks amazing but also showcases one of the games best features. As units are defeated, they create catchy melodies that blend in with the games soundtrack perfectly. The head bobbing music that’s created gives Auralux a soothing vibe.


Also included in this update is a new mission pack called “invasion style” available for $1.99, as well as an all new stand alone level for gratis.

Now that Auralux is available for all devices, it’s sure to take its place among the kings of Android RTS games. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Auralux

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