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Use Super Powers To Shoot ‘Em Up In Save The Earth

GloobusStudio, best known for their hit tower defense title Kill The Zombies: Undead War, are back with a new shoot ’em up that combines the endless running and bullet hell genres into an over the top homage to classic gaming. Save The Earth – Alien Shooter features a crazy amount of weapons, fiendish challenges, and awesome power ups in what can only be described as an endless shoot ’em up.

Players will help a fearless superhero defend the Earth from an invasion by life sucking alien leeches. As he crosses the globe completing various missions he’ll earn experience points that can be used to unlock new weapons and abilities. These range from a simple spread shot to a ridiculously large, DBZ-esque screen filling laser.


There are over 40 weapons to unlock in Save The Earth, allowing players to create their own play style by mixing and matching weapons and super powers for a more personalized approach to the alien infestation. They’ll need them when facing the huge bosses and overwhelming waves of enemies that inhabit the later levels.


Save The Earth – Alien Shooter is a great new shoot ’em up that isn’t afraid to go all out with its gameplay. Fans of bullet hell shooters will definitely want to check this one out.

You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Save The Earth

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