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Space Trooper USA Drops Its Xperia Exclusivity

Bento-Studio’s Space Trooper USA is a tremendously fun twin stick shooter that has been exclusive to the Xperia Play for some time now. Its arcade style gameplay takes the globe based mechanics of Super Stardust Delta and throws in a dash of Starship Troopers and Alien Breed. Previously $.99, Space Trooper is now completeley free with no iap’s or paywalls. To make things even better, this arcade shoot ’em up has finally outgrown its Xperia exclusivity and is now available for all Android devices.

In this sci-fi epic, players will control Earth’s last space trooper who’s been sent to an approaching asteroid infested with a terrifying alien menace. It’s up to him to save the world by exterminating every last bug on the floating rock. Space Trooper USA is all about old school style arcade action. Power ups, bombs, multipliers, and other classic gaming staples will drop from fallen enemies as rewards for clearing large waves.


As the action intensifies, the asteroid itself will start to fall apart before the player can destroy all the aliens. These holes are deadly and quickly drain health. By using a healing power up, players can restore the patches of ground by walking over them. This is necessary so as not to get backed into a corner.


Space Trooper USA is a terrific shoot ’em up fans of twin stick shooters will love. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Space Trooper USA

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