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indiePub’s Bad Bots Are Coming Soon

Fans of over the top side scrolling shooters like XBLA’s Shadow Complex have reason to be excited as independent developer indiePub will be releasing Bad Bots very soon. This bullet filled, exploration heavy action adventure casts players as a soldier aboard a space ship who’s just been woken from cryogenic sleep. He quickly discovers the ship’s security robots have been reprogrammed to murder the entire crew. Not only that, but the ship is on a collision course with Earth. He’ll have to gather as many weapons as he can and blast his way through to the cockpit in order to save the world and himself.



  • More than 170 rooms across a rich story-based Campaign Mode.
  • Several unique robot types including seven intense bosses.
  • Eight robot bustin’ weapons including a rifle, explosive grenade launcher, pulsar gun and more.
  • A Challenge Mode where you try to survive 60 seconds against an endless onslaught of especially persistent and cranky gun-toting robots.
  • Fourteen challenging Achievements.
  • The full frackin’ game! No ads, no upsells and nothing else to pay for!

Bad Bots will be releasing on Steam May 17th, with the Android version following shortly after. Check out the action packed trailer below.


Developer Website – indiePub

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