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Endless RPG One Epic Knight Dashes Onto Android

It was bound to happen eventually. After being combined with virtually every other genre in existence, the endless runner has teamed up with the RPG. What that gives us is Simutronics Corp’s One Epic Knight, a slashing good time with fast paced dungeon crawling and surprisingly deep gameplay.

Players will take on the role of a dungeon crashing knight as he dodges traps, jumps chasms, and slays foul creatures. The usual endless runner mechanics are present but they are augmented with a distinctly RPG flavor. A combat system has been implemented complete with equipment bonuses and a skill tree. As players dive further into the procedurally generated endless dungeons, they’ll earn experience points and loot that can buy new armor, weapons, and abilities.

oneepicknightss1                oneepicknightss2


  • Endless game play that becomes increasingly crazy as you go!
  • Simple swipe controls!
  • Increase your Epicness with power-ups, potions and outfits!
  • Hilarious play-by-plays from the Epic Knight himself!
  • Don’t just dodge danger- crash through obstacles and creatures!
  • Tons of Achievements!


One Epic Knight is an addictive pick up and play RPG great for short sessions. You can grab it for free on Google Play.

Google Play – One Epic Knight

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