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EpicForce Returns For Duty With iFighter 2

After a long period of exclusivity on iOS , the arcade style shoot ’em up iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942 from EpicForce Entertainment is now available on Android. This bullet hell shooter sports a steam punk design scheme and has players pilot one of several advanced planes in a hyper realized World War 2 setting. They’ll have to blast their way through wave after wave of enemy planes in a grueling 18 level campaign that spans 3 difficulty levels.

iFighter 2 improves on its predecessor in several ways, making for a much more epic experience. The graphics have seen a vast increase in fidelity, which is important in a game where every pixel counts. There is also a greatly expanded arsenal of planes, wingmates, and weaponry available through an upgradeable skill tree.



  • 8 World War II fighters with 6 different characteristics of wingmen. Different combinations will give the player different attacking tactics!
  • 3 difficulties, each with 6 challenging missions
  • Achievements
  • HD graphics with gorgeous visual effects, bringing the most realistic gaming experience to the players.
  • Armory Store to buy superior fighters (some with auxiliary weapons), powerful sidekicks (with tracking missiles etc…), super bullets, invincible shell, and auto-refill and so on.


Bullet hell shooter fans will definitely want to check out iFighter 2. It’s available for free on Google Play.

Google Play – iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942

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