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BlastPoints Flys Onto Android

The space shooter genre has been extremely under utilized on Android. Sure, you’ve got your Galaxy On Fire 2s and No Gravitys, but there hasn’t been any new additions to the genre for quite some time. That changes today as Pub Games has released their action packed space shoot ’em up BlastPoints onto Google Play.

BlastPoints is an addictive arcade style shooter that pits players against an army of killer drones commanded by an insane AI. They’ll pilot a highly customizable fighter craft in battles across barren worlds and to the depths of space in exchange for cold hard credits. These can then be used to upgrade players spacecraft with over 34 million possible weapon configurations. While BlastPoints doesn’t have much in the way of a narrative, it’s not needed when there is so much variety to the gameplay.


Pub Games developed BlastPoints using Unreal Engine 3, and it shows. Enemies are highly detailed, environments look absolutely stunning, and there is an insane amount of graphical effects going on at any given time.


If you’re in the mood for a great 3D shooter like Star Fox or Rogue Squadron, check out BlastPoints. It’s free on Google Play.

Google Play – BlastPoints

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