Published on May 15th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Razor Salvation Dismisses Its Tegra Exclusivity

In a move that is sure to please gamers disappointed by Android fragmentation, Blowfish Studios’s Razor Salvation THD has dropped the THD and is now available for all Android devices. The previously Tegra 3 only title has also been updated with support for the Moga Pro and other bluetooth gamepads, which Blowfish Studios recommends be used with an HDMI connected TV for a “Full console experience”. It even has a new stereoscopic 3D mode for TVs that support it.


For those unfamiliar with Razor Salvation, it’s a first person defense style shooter. This means players will defend a stationary position in the middle of a war torn city against hordes of blood thirsty aliens and their savage weaponry. Enemies attack from all around the player making for fast paced gameplay.


While Razor Salvation is no longer a Tegra exclusive, Tegra powered devices will still retain exclusive graphical features like higher polygon counts, destructible environments, and a bonus level based on Nvidia’s real life headquarters. Even so, Razor Salvation is an impressive console quality title with action packed gameplay. You can pick it up for about $2.00 on Google Play.

Google Play – Razor Salvation

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