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Devil’s Attorney Review

Devil’s Attorney is a turn-based strategy game published by Senri AB. Widely considered one of the must-own titles on a mobile device, since it’s release it has been awarded numerous awards for outstanding gameplay, humor and overall design.

In the game, you take the role of Max McMann, a defense attorney who’s job is to keep his clients out of jail using your knowledge, skills, sense of humor and massive ego. The main part of the game takes place in a courtroom. There you go up against one of several other attorneys, who have at their disposal witnesses, crime experts and evidence to use against your client. If your client’s guilt-meter (which is equivalent to HP in other games) reaches 0, you loose the case. Each of your opponents has a specific credibility (also equivalent to HP), and to eliminate him, you’ll have to use your skills to bring that credibility to 0. This will often require a more strategic planing since some of the opponents can buff the rest, making them really hard to beat later on. As you win cases, you’ll earn money, which you’ll be using to upgrade your house, clothes etc., which will give you points in one of three categories that will eventually lead to unlocking new skills for the courtroom.


While the gameplay is pretty standard for this type of games, the presentation is the highlight here. The whole game has a really cool ’90s Saturday morning cartoon show feel to it, accompanied by hilarious dialog. All characters in the game are well written and all the dialog is fully voice acted. The music is also pretty well picked, cool to listen to during the courtroom battles, but not good enough to distract you.


Overall, Devil’s Attorney is a game well worth of all the awards and nominations it has received over it’s years on the market, with the only downside to it being that there is no demo version so people can try, though with it’s nothing a simple search on YouTube cant fix.


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Devil’s Attorney Review Kristian Ivanov



Summary: Devil's Attorney offers a perfect combination of hilarious dialog, awesome graphics and gameplay perfect for a touch screen device.



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