Published on May 16th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


The Secret Of Space Octopuses Is Coming Soon


A previous version of this article incorrectly identified the developer behind The Secret Of Space Octopuses as Midgar Studio who is actually just the games publisher. The creative minds at independent studio Fusty Game are the developers of this great looking action adventure.


A gorgeous looking platformer called The Secret Of Space Octopuses is on the way thanks to developer Fusty Game. This inventive action-puzzle adventure follows a gifted young genius who’s been kidnapped by evil octopus aliens. To escape his captors the games nerdy hero creates a fearsome robot that will escort him to safety.


Aptly named “Bot”, the boys robot is the star of the show. Not only can it smash walls, navigate toxic environments, and kick some serious alien butt, Bot can also create useful new items from materials dropped by fallen enemies or scattered throughout each level. Understanding how to apply Bots creations to Secrets physics based riddles is a key part of the gameplay.


The Secret Of Space Octopuses blends action, platforming, and puzzle solving into one ambitious title. Look for it when it launches later this summer.

Developer Website – Fusty Game

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