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Use The Force In Lego Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles

Hot on the tails of its iOS release, LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles has made the jump to light speed on Android devices. A blend of real time strategy and action, The Yoda Chronicles is the inevitable video game version of Cartoon Network’s upcoming made for TV movie of the same name. Players will fight in some of the clone wars biggest battles, choosing whether to follow either the light or dark side of the force.

As the first mobile entry in the LEGO Star Wars franchise, The Yoda Chronicles does an admirable job of recreating the series trademark personality but takes a few liberties with the game design. There is now a heavy tactical element to gameplay as resource gathering and unit production have been added to the mix.



  • Quest with Yoda™ or Count Dooku™ to discover your destiny
  • Battle and build your way through 8 iconic levels of LEGO® Star Wars™ action per side
  • Create and control armies from elite Clone Troopers™ to powerful Starships
  • Discover exciting mini movies that reveal the story
  • Play exclusive bonus levels to rank up and upgrade your units
  • Sign in with LEGO ID to save your progress


LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles is an enjoyable though short spinoff of the now classic gaming franchise. It’s also totally free to play, there are no in-app purchases anywhere to be found.

Google Play – Lego Star Wars – The Yoda Chronicles

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