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Namco Bandai Releases A Crazy Pipe Dream Inspired JRPG

Namco Bandai is no stranger to making weird games, one need look no further than the developer’s I Love Katamari series for proof, but its latest title Gather Of Dragons is perhaps its strangest Android game yet. Gather Of Dragons combines the frantic puzzle classic Pipe Dream with the questing mechanics found in your typical JRPG.

A terrible dragon has decimated the kingdom, and as a brave knight its up to players to embark on a perilous quest to slay the beast in its lair. Along the way they’ll battle monsters, collect loot, and other typical rpg things, but how they get there is where the games twist comes in.


Its over world map is presented as a constantly shifting puzzle board that switches Pipe Dream’s tubes for Final Fantasy’s epic dungeons. Only certain pieces will lead players to the den of the dragon while others carry valuable equipment or battles with ferocious monsters.

Currently only available in Japan, Gather Of Dragons is an unexpected yet intriguing crossover. While chances are slim this free to play RPG will ever see a worldwide release, we hold out hope that it will.

Google Play – Gather Of Dragons

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