Published on May 23rd, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Take A Bathroom Break With Men’s Room Mayhem

Ripstone Games, the independent development studio that brought us the addicting first person shooter Gun Commando, has a wacky new puzzle game out today called Men’s Room Mayhem. This humorous line drawing game takes the casual puzzler genre to a bold new place, the bathroom.


In Men’s Room Mayhem, players will direct bathroom traffic by guiding patrons to the toilet with their finger while avoiding other anxious customers. Men’s Room Mayhem keeps the gameplay continually fresh by introducing new gameplay elements and characters at a steady pace. For example, old guys will move really slow while younger children will run all over the place.


Men’s Room Mayhem is a hilarious new line drawing game with fast paced action. It’s also available for $.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – Men’s Room Mayhem

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