Published on May 24th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Arcade Shooter Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Rolls Out

Kot-in-Action Creative’s award winning PC shooter Steel Storm: Burning Retribution has made its way to Android in spectacular fashion. As the pilot of the experimental hover tank Steel Storm, players will embark on an epic 13 level campaign to stamp out the forces of the separatists union. This arcade style shoot ’em up is made for people who like their action fast and their enemies many.


Steel Storm brings a fresh twist to the mobile shooter genre by bringing back old school design sensabilities. Rather than get bogged down by game destroying elements like a pay to win structure or iap’s, players only concerns in this shooter are high scores, power ups, and enjoying the explosive visuals.


It’s easy to see why Steel Storm is so well regarded on the PC. You can pick it up now for $2.49 on Google Play.

Google Play – Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

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