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Carmageddon Review

Carmageddon is a car-combat game, originally released on PC back in 1997 by Stainless Games, now ported to Android phones and tablets.

The game features 36 race challenges, spread across 11 different open world race locations, 30 vehicles and multiple race objectives. Unlike traditional racing games, Carmageddon doesn’t rely on race positions, it gives you a choice of one of three objectives:

  • Destroy all 5 opponents
  • Go trough every checkpoint in order
  • Kill all pedestrians

Each of those objectives must be completed before your time runs out. The time can also be extended by ramming or destroying opponents, killing pedestrians (chain kills for higher bonus) and collecting time power-ups hidden across the map. Your opponents on the other hand don’t care about the checkpoints and are out just to get you…or each-other. They can often be seen ramming each-other, or waiting for you to be nearby so they can attempt to take you out.

Screenshot_2013-05-21-22-31-51 Screenshot_2013-05-21-22-44-47

Another specific characteristic of Carmageddon is that vehicles are destructible, including your own. If your car sustains too much damage, it’ll break down and you’ll loose the race. The good news though is that you can repair it by spending credits (which you collect the same was as you collect extra time) while on the track.

As far as graphics go, the textures have been improved compared to the Windows 95 version, but for modern standards, they still look blocky and slightly pixelated, but on the other hand, changing them to a more modern look would’ve ruined the aesthetic of the game…it was simply meant to look like this. Unlike the PC version though, the car model damage is significantly lower (no parts of the car model ever break off), but that is to be expected seeing how this game runs on many low-end devices aswell.

Screenshot_2013-05-21-22-40-04 Screenshot_2013-05-22-16-35-53

The soundtrack seems to be identical to it’s PC counterpart – several awesome heavy metal tracks to go with your quest for chaos and destruction. Many years after it’s release, it lives up to compete with the modern soundtracks of any racing game you can think of.

Overall, this is without question the best car combat game on a mobile device to date. The only things that are missing is the multiplayer that was added in the original PC version’s expansion called “Splat Pack” and the ability to save your replay videos, a feature that exists in the game’s iOS version. Despite those two missing features, this game is well worthy of it’s price and I’ll recommend it any day…and if you’re still not sure, you can always grab the demo version first and try it out for free.


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Carmageddon Review Kristian Ivanov



Summary: Carmageddon on Android is even better than the original PC game. It's an open world car combat game, with a big selection of vehicles. The only thing disappointing is the lack of multiplayer mode that was in the PC version.



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