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I, Gladiator Coming Exclusively To Samsung Apps

The gory iOS hack ‘n slash game I, Gladiator is coming to Android soon, though not in the way you might expect. Through a partnership with Samsung and its 100% Indie Initiative, developer Steel Monkeys will be launching its critically acclaimed action adventure exclusively on the Samsung Apps store.

I, Gladiator is a visually stunning fighting game with deep gameplay and an engaging storyline complete with authentic Latin voice overs. Players will live the life of a gladiator and participate in epic battles straight out of Spartacus or the movie Gladiator. It may not have Russell Crowe, but I, Gladiator has personality in spades.


A free flowing combat system lets players parry and attack multiple enemies at once making for fast paced gameplay. The environment itself is also a deadly adversary since its filled with hidden traps and hungry lions.


This is a surprisingly big exclusive for the Korean tech giant. I, Gladiator has already passed the Samsung Apps approval process and is due to go live on the manufacturer’s app store any day now.

Developer Website – Steel Monkeys

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