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Namco Bandai Releases A Hello Kitty RPG

Namco Bandai is no stranger to weirdness but the legendary Japanese developer’s latest game, Hello Kitty Run! Run! Run!, may just be its oddest one yet. This action adventure features Hello Kitty and company as they fight their way through stages filled with evil “demon” kitties and other enemies. Part auto runner, part RPG, Hello Kitty Run! Run! Run! is a deeper game than you might think.


Players can form a party of up to four Hello Kitty characters, each with their own skill set. The game has a class system based on different unlockable outfits so for example the ninja kitty is good at melee attacks while the archer is better off fighting from a distance. As characters win battles, complete levels, and find hidden loot they’ll gradually level up and learn useful new abilities. Hello Kitty Run! Run! Run! could be likened to a super cute side scrolling Nimble Quest.


If you happen to live in Japan you can pick up Hello Kitty Run! Run! Run! on Google Play for free. As for the rest of us, chances are slim this game will be leaving its native shores anytime soon.

Google Play – Hello Kitty Run! Run! Run!

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