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Pixel Puzzler Little Luca Coming Soon

An awesome new physics based platformer is on its way soon thanks to indie developer Glowingpine Studios. Little Luca is their upcoming puzzle style adventure about rescuing stars. Players will help the title character Luca restore light to the night sky by catching wayward stars hiding throughout the games massive 90 level campaign. And that’s just to start, Glowingpine plans to support Little Luca with free dlc like new levels and environments long after the game is released.


Little Luca is a pixel art themed game designed to be accessible even to non gamers. The simple pick up and play control scheme the developer has implemented makes for a very intuitive gaming experience. That’s not to say Little Luca is easy though, as the devious tricks and traps in the later levels can be punishingly difficult.



So when will this eye catching new physics platformer be out? We don’t have long to wait as Little Luca will be available on Google Play starting May 30th.

Developer Website – Glowingpine Studios

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