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Doom Buggy Races Onto Google Play

Indie developer Atomotron has launched its first game for Android, Doom Buggy, a fast paced arcade style racing game that blurs the line between kart racers like Mario Kart and futuristic vehicular warfare titles such as Twisted Metal. In Doom Buggy, players will drive their own specially customized death machine against other cutthroat racers in exotic locales around the world.

It’s just as important to be a good driver as it is to blow your rivals off the road with a homing missile. Semi-realistic physics add an unexpected dose of realism as players will be able to jump ramps, ram other drivers off the road, and even flip their car over from taking a turn to fast. It’s refreshing to see a combat racing game that doesn’t forget about making the racing as fun as the combat.



  • Fast-paced, challenging and exciting: everything that you want from a racing game!
  • Awesome physics: see your buggy flip as you hit natural ramps!
  • Amazing gameplay: rip through various worlds in a race of speed, agility and power!
  • New elements: shoot the powerful mini gun or destroy opponents with lethal missiles!
  • 8 Unlock-able paint jobs for your buggy!
  • Upgrade: upgrade your buggy to suit you – will you be the best?


Doom Buggy is a terrific independent racing game. It’s available for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Doom Buggy

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