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Save The Galaxy In Cosmo Battles

No, this isn’t a game about fashion magazines going to war. Cosmo Battles is an ambitious new strategy title from independent developer Load Me that follows in the footsteps of classics like Military Madness. As a captain in the motorized space marines, it’s up to players to liberate occupied planets and save the universe. This turn based strategy game has gorgeous graphics, unique twists, and challenging gameplay.

Fans of the strategy genre will appreciate the attention to detail in Cosmo Battles. When selecting targets for attack, there is more to consider than just how many spaces away or how weak an enemy is. Players will also have to take things like terrain modifiers, tech tree enhancements, and hidden traps into account, not to mention the completely random environmental effects that can change the tide of battle.



  • Brilliant 3D graphics of space;
  • 20 challenging missions;
  • Difficulty levels from EASY to HARD;
  • 3 types of unique locations;
  • 6 types of combat units;
  • Unit upgrade system;
  • tactical terrain tricks and random events;
  • System of Achievements;
  • Available in English, Russian, Chinese, Portugal, Spanish.


Cosmo Battles is a terrifically entertaining new strategy game. You can pick it up for $1.99 plus a demo version is available as well.

Google Play – Cosmo Battles | Cosmo Battles Free

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