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Be The King Of The Jungle In Zoolicious

Indie developer Nobu Games has released their first Android game, an impressively entertaining new puzzler called Zoolicious. This animal centric title is essentially a puzzleized version of the circle of life. As the keeper of a large nature preserve, players must make sure the food chain is properly observed by lining up animal tiles into the most ecologically beneficial patterns.

This takes the form of a match style puzzler similar to games like Bejeweled but with its own unique hook and features to help it stand out from the crowd. Rather than match up similar shapes or colors like most generic puzzlers, Zoolicious has players pairing up predatory animals with their prey. By correctly lining up wildlife with their eating habits, players can score huge combos and multipliers to unlock new levels and items. Zoolicious also supports multiple profiles so friends and family can try to beat each others records in the unified high score list.



  • HD resolution and optimized for tablets
  • Three addicting game modes for hours of fun!
  • Be the master of the jungle! Take care of hungry and sleepy animals!
  • Be creative! Find your own food chains to satisfy the needs of your animals!
  • Be careful – some animals are needier than others. Prioritize the needs of your animals to make sure nobody goes hungry!


Zoolicious is an awesome new puzzler with great gameplay. It’s available now for $1.99 on Google Play.


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