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Super School Day Review

Considering the pick up and play nature of mobile gaming, it’s surprising to say the least that we haven’t seen developers capitalize on the mini-game genre popularized by titles like Mario Party and Wario Ware. By constantly switching up the gameplay at a blistering pace, these kinds of games tend to appeal to the hyperactive child in all of us. So it’s nice to see that indie dev Second Impact Games has decided to fill that gap with Super School Day, a twisted adventure with a sugar rushed out mind of its own.

Super School Day lets you play as one of many unlockable school children as they go about their day doing normal kid stuff, like traveling back in time to save the world from dinosaurs. By having wacky day dreams they can escape the boredom of school and go on blink and you’ll miss it adventures. One mission has players dodging nuclear missiles in a sombraro saucer and the next they are pelting their classmates with dodgeballs in gym class. Each scenario uses a simple but addictive touch or tap based mechanic. You never know what Super School Day is going to hit you with next, even after multiple playthroughs you’ll still find plenty of new mini games and characters.


Getting higher scores and beating certain challenges will unlock extra kids to play as, each with their own branching story path and characteristics. One thing I really enjoyed was the hidden challenges scattered all throughout the game. Through repeated gameplay and experimentation, unspoken objectives present themselves and yield massive rewards if properly completed. There are over 30 of these achievements, giving Super School Day a surprising amount of replayability considering the nature of its gameplay.


The graphics have a charming, vaguely Scribblenauts vibe to them that fit Super School Day’s attitude perfectly. The characters and environments are well animated and a big part of why the games comedic moments work.

Super School Day is a fun and hilarious mini-game collection that both revives and pays homage to the genre inspiring it. If you’re looking for something different than all the twin stick shooters and social card games out there, check Super School Day out.


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Super School Day Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Wario himself would be jealous of this mini game bonanza! It has fast paced, hilarious gameplay and excellent animation though some mini games are too difficult and the sound quality could be better.



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