Published on June 6th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Gun For Your Life In Survival Shooter Pixlgun 3D

A new arcade style first person shooter is here and its got plenty of horror and pixel art to go along with it. Pixlgun 3D by indie developer Krasnov Games Craft plays like the zombified child of Dead Trigger and Minecraft that’s been raised its whole unlife by Call Of Duty: Zombies. Fast paced first person combat meets arcade sensibilities in this retro style shoot ’em up. In Pixlgun 3D players will have to fight to survive against hordes of nightmarish creatures bent on consuming their brains.


Like most horde based shooters, the object of Pixlgun 3D is simply to survive. Equipped with only a pistol to start, players will only face a handful of enemies in the beginning but the action quickly picks up as swarms of zombies necessitate quick movement and constant gunfire.


Pixlgun 3D is a fun arcade shooter with addicting gameplay. You can pick it up for about a dollar on Google Play.


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