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Playstation Mobile Roundup #3

Another import heavy update here on the Playstation Mobile Roundup. Today we’ll take a look at a pair of JRPG’s, a classic puzzler, and a wacky themed shoot ’em up.

Chiebura – $0.99


A comically themed bullet hell shooter, Chiebura prides itself on being strange. Expect old school shoot ’em up gameplay and plenty of silly sprites.

Minesweeper – $1.99


Perhaps the most ubiquitous video game next to Tetris and Pong, Minesweeper is the same on Playstation Mobile as it was on your Windows ’95 PC all those years ago. This version also supports physical controllers.

Sword Of Rapier – Trial/$4.99


The hit indie RPG Sword Of Rapier originally made a name for itself on Windows Phone with its action oriented gameplay and and spell based combat. The Playstation Mobile edition contains all the content from the original plus upgraded visuals and new features like controller support.

Wonderland Labyrinth – Free (Japan Only)


Whereas Sword Of Rapier opted for a 3D action adventure design, Wonderland Labyrinth is strictly old school. 16-bit style sprites and turn based battles give this traditional RPG a nostalgic flavor.

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  • aros

    Sword of Rapier plays quite well but the running animation is all wrong with the legs moving much slower than the character, giving the impression of ice skating across grass or rock. I enjoyed the demo but that was offputting enough to stop me from purchasing the full game.

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