Published on June 11th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Cross Platform RPG Phone Fight Coming Soon

After wowing critics with its imaginative blending of genres on iOS, the unique MMO Phone Fight will be making its way onto Android just in time for E3. A modern reincarnation of creature battling LCD games like the Digimon series, Phone Fight turns players smartphones into a full fledged RPG character complete with its own personality and skill set. It will be constantly chomping at the bit to attack surrounding players phones in real life, which is a neat way of finding new opponents in your vicinity.

Phone Fight will also support cross platform multiplayer between Android and iOS devices, something developer Mob In Life plans to celebrate with a series of events pitting Droids against iPhones.


So how long until we get to play this imaginative new RPG? Not long as Phone Fight will be launching June 17th.

Developer Website – Mob In Life

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