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E3 2013: Deus Ex The Fall Gets Its First Trailer

Say what you will about Square Enix and their attitude toward Android gaming, but when their games do finally come out they are almost always impressive visual experiences on par with their console brethren. Last generation games like Chaos Rings brought us PS2 quality experiences, but this time around Square Enix is bringing us something a little more current with the mobile Deus Ex spinoff Deus Ex: The Fall.

This jaw dropping stealth-action shooter stars Ben Saxon, the protagonist from the Deus Ex novel The Icarus Effect, as he wages a war of revenge against the private military company that betrayed him. In the process, he’ll discover a conspiracy that threatens the lives of augmented humans everywhere.


While most console based mobile games are mere shadows of their former selves, Deus Ex: The Fall will fully recreate the non-linear gameplay and impressive graphics found in Human Revolution.

Deus Ex: The Fall will be launching later this summer for $6.99.

Developer Website – Square Enix

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