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E3 2013: Gameloft Announces Asphalt 8

Gameloft has officially unveiled the next game in its arcade style racing franchise, Asphalt 8: Airborne. Rather than reuse the same game design found it its predecessors Adrenaline and Heat, Airbone represents a transition to the next generation of Android gaming with visuals and gameplay equal to the console titles that inspired it.

Arcade style racing and insane takedowns have always been a big part of the Asphalt franchise, but Gameloft is taking its tradition of vehicular carnage one step further with a completely redesigned physics engine and inventive new takedown maneuvers. Stunt ramps now litter the racetracks, providing opportunities to ambush opponents from above. Destructible environments play a big role this time around as well. Players can destroy certain earmarked obstacles to stop following opponents in their tracks.


Remember all those exotic locales from the previous Asphalts and how they all had exactly the same road conditions whether it was snowing or not? Not anymore, as Asphalt 8 will feature real time weather effects like snow, dust, and rain that play a big role in how to win each race.


In addition to the classic takedown and championship modes, Airborne also includes two new modes for the franchise; Infected and Gate Drift. Infected plays like a game of tag with cars not so playfully ramming each other off the road and Gate Drift is a series of highly technical drifting challenges.


Asphalt 8: Airborne will be launching later this summer for $.99 with new modes, graphics, and gameplay.

Developer Website – Gameloft

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