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Relive A PC Classic With Commander Keen: Keen Dreams

If you grew up in the Wolfenstein 3D era of gaming, chances are you have fond memories of trouncing spuds in ID Software’s Commander Keen games. These strictly old school platformers had imaginative gameplay and at the time had some of the most articulated character animations in 2D gaming. In a time when PC gamers were starved for any sort of platforming experience like what the NES was offering, Commander Keen filled the void.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any Keen games released, but that trend may be changing with the newly revamped Commander Keen In Keen Dreams out now on Android. This faithful recreation has all the addicting gameplay of the original PC title updated with improved graphics and touch optimized controls. Players will help Commander Keen escape the vegetable ruled land of Tuberia and confront its spud like ruler King Boobus Tuber.


Brought to us by indie developer Super Fighter Team, the Android version of In Keen Dreams has been lovingly recreated using all of the original games assets. New features like a persistent high score table, support for gamepads like the MOGA controller, and a redesigned save system help keep the game feeling fresh after all these years.


Commander Keen In Keen Dreams has plenty to offer to both newcomers and series veterans alike. It’s available now for $.99 on Google Play.

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