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Shelter Gets Resurrected Back Onto Google Play

Shelter’s initial launch was rough. The game had been plagued by some critical bugs, and was removed from Google Play shortly after it had been released. The developer, Survivalist Games, enlisted in the help of a handful of beta testers  to help find any bugs, and get the game in tip-top shape. After a few weeks of extensive testing Shelter has been deemed fit for public consumption yet again.

Shelter is a trading-card game that takes a majority of its gameplay elements from other games in the genre. However, the twist with Shelter is its setting. Rather than being set in a fantasy world (which is most common) Shelter takes placed in a zombie filled urban environment. Aside from the unique setting Shelter also includes a robust story mode that takes place over five campaign stages, over 100 unique cards, and a compelling story that you can really sink your teeth into.


One thing you will undoubtedly noticed at first glance are Shelter’s beautiful hand-drawn graphic-novel style graphics. The developer has obviously put a lot of time into the visuals, and it shows. I wouldn’t be surprised if some gamers buy this game simply for the awesome art style.


Whether you’re a fan of trading-card-games or new to the genre, Shelter looks to be a game worth taking a bite out of.  Shelter is currently available for $2.32 on Google Play.

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