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Baseball Jam Review

In Baseball Jam you control a funny looking batter that’s standing next to a ball launcher. This ball launcher launches baseballs straight up into the air, and using the simple one-touch controls you will have to hit it once gravity brings it down to your hit zone. Where the ball and bat make contact determines the angle at which the ball travels, which means you will have to make some split second decisions in order to hit the floating targets. The mechanics will take a few minutes to get the hang of, but once you do it will be hard to stop playing.

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Each round begins with 30 seconds on the clock. However, this time limit gets extended for each successful target you hit. The closer to the middle of each target you hit determines the amount of time added to the timer. If you hit one in the dead center will gain three additional seconds, while being further away will net you a boost of only one or two seconds. Hitting targets, building up your combo meter (by hitting targets in succession), and stabilizing the countdown timer are the elements that determine how high your next score will be.

Tio Atum has also implemented the new Google Play Game Services into Baseball Jam, which makes the game even more addictive. Now you can compare your high score with your friends, or see how you rank against people from around the world. Baseball Jam also includes achievements through Google Play Game Services, which adds yet another level of addictiveness to an already hard to put down game.

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One of my favourite aspects of Baseball Jam is its fantastic art style. If you have played any of Tio Atum’s other games (Fruit MonkeysBloody Epic, or Madman Drop) you will be familiar with the unique look used in their games. Though Baseball Jam doesn’t have a whole lot going on at once, the developers still gave everything a very clean design that looks sharp on both phones and tablets.


Tio Atum has taken a simple concept and crafted a game that will be hugely addictive to people of all ages. Baseball Jam makes great use of a simple one touch control scheme that is easy to learn, but hard to really master. Luckily the physics in Baseball Jam are spot on, which makes the overall experience that much better. Adding in the bonus of Google Play Games Services for both online leaderboards and achievements was also a great touch. And to top it all off Baseball Jam is completely free on Google Play, so slide on over to get your gloves on this one.

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Baseball Jam Review James Maxwell


Summary: Tio Atum's hit a home run with Baseball Jam. It has a great art style along with addicting and unique gameplay although it can be a little frustrating at times.



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