Published on June 14th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Old School Racing Goes Mobile With GP Retro

Racing titles today are almost always focused on real world physics and photo realistic graphics, but there was a time back in the golden age of gaming when having fun was the only feature gamers were concerned about. That era brought us classics like Micro Machines, Super Sprint, and Super Off Road. While we probably won’t ever see a Micro Machines game on Android, independent developer Smallthing Games is keeping the genre alive with its wacky new arcade racer GP Retro.

GP Retro is Smallthing Games’s love letter to old school racing titles. Much like the Micro Machines series, races are presented in a top down fashion complete with absurd characters like a zombie and alien. True to its retro roots, there are all sorts of different power ups like oil slicks and nitros littered around the race track. Fast paced, arcade style gameplay coupled with charming pixel art graphics gives GP Retro a nostalgic feeling.


While it does take inspiration from classic racers, GP Retro has plenty of unique additions of its own. Rather than complete an endless procession of races, which in and of itself would be more than enough, there are tons of extra modes like Head To Head, Challenge, and Chicken Hunter. As players win races, they’ll also unlock faster cars, new tracks, and even more absurd characters.


GP Retro is a fantastic indie game that fans of Super Off Road and Micro Machines will absolutely love. It’s available for about a dollar on Google Play and there’s even a free version to check out too.

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