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Blastoff In The Wacky Physics Adventure Gopher Launch

A unique new action adventure game has arrived called Gopher Launch. Brought to us by independent developer Outsmart Games, Gopher Launch follows the exploits of the gophernauts, cute little explorers who laugh in the face of danger. Unfortunately for our furry friends, they keep getting stranded on strange and extremely tiny planets with only a limited amount of time to reach their spaceship before it automatically takes off and heads for home.

In this charming new physics title, players will guide their gophernaut around each micro planet by dragging back from his position and letting go to launch him about. In addition to reaching his ship, he’ll also need to gather fuel rods hidden in each level or else he’ll get stranded in deep space, which in this case means not being able to advance to the next level. Fiendish aliens will try to prevent your escape, and dangerous traps are everywhere. Fortunately there are also power ups and tons of unlockable gopher suits, each with their own special ability and admittedly awesome looking design.


With only a limited amount of time to complete each level, it’s important to strategize before charging in. Intuitive touch controls allow players to freely explore the gorgeously rendered 3D environments before the action starts in order to look for hidden power ups and scout ahead for enemies. It’s also happens to be the best way to enjoy Gopher Launch’s fantastic art design and beautiful graphics.


Gopher Launch is an addicting arcade style physics game that isn’t afraid to innovate on an established genre. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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