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Indiana Stone: The Brave And The Boulder Review


Just by looking at screenshots (and it’s title too, I suppose) it is obvious that Indiana Stone – The Brave And The Boulder has taken a good amount of influence from the Indiana Jones films. The main premise of the game revolves fully around the scene from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ where Indiana Jones gets chased by a huge boulder after he removes the golden idol from its pedestal. In a traditional game you would expect to find yourself playing as Indiana Jones, but in Indiana Stone you are given control of his nemesis; you are the BOULDER.

The gameplay in Indiana Stone is most easily comparable to an endless runner. This said, the developer has departed from the traditional ‘stay alive for as long as you can’ formula and has created a more objective based system. Though your objective is simply to squash Indy, the developers have created a gameplay style that feels familiar yet completely unique at the same time.


As for content, Indiana Stone is broken into four different game modes; Story, Endless, Fast Roll, and Challenge. Story mode is likely what will consume most players time. In this mode you are given a specified number of times that you need to catch Indy, which upon completion transports you to the next area. These areas take place over a variety of Indiana Jones themed locations, such as a dingy cave, or in an ancient Persian temple. Story mode consists of three different difficulty settings too (easy, medium, and hard), so there is plenty in this mode to keep you busy.

The other three modes are fun, but just don’t hold as much replayability as Story mode does. Endless mode has you trying to squash as many Indy’s as you can before running out of steam. Fast Roll is essentially the ‘Quick Play’ mode you have seen in countless games in the past. The game will set up a random game for you to play where you are given a set number of ‘mans’ to kill, and you get a high score upon completion. The last mode is Challenge mode, which is pretty self explanatory. You are given some various objectives to complete, and some of them are extremely challenging. You really have to use the skills you’ve learned in the other modes if you want to successfully complete these challenges.

In addition to the gameplay modes Indiana Stone also has some interesting playable boulders to unlock. Each new boulder comes with it’s own set of pros and cons, such as the Tire that is skinny (pro), but is also bouncy (con). These boulders can be unlocked by completing various tasks in the game, such as finishing the Story mode on hard, or by decimating the challenges in Challenge mode. Some of these boulders are very tough to unlock, which means any completionists will be kept busy busy for quite a while.



Indiana Stone uses tilt controls that work similarly to those often found in endless runners. Tilting your device from side to side will move the boulder accordingly, and tapping on the screen gets the boulder to bounce. There is nothing too complex here, and it should be easy for all age groups to pick up and play. I found the controls to be extremely responsive, and worked perfectly for the gameplay style that was used. Most importantly the game is just fun to play, largely due to its spot on controls.



What initially drew me to Indiana Stone was the game’s gorgeous art style. The developers have done a wonderful job of creating a truly gorgeous look through the masterful use of voxel graphics. The individual levels each have their own distinctive look, and are even equipped with unique traps and obstacles for you to look out for.

Every single aspect of Indiana Stone just oozes with charm too. Whether you’re playing the game, browsing the menus, or just watching the end credits, everything just has a very unique feel to it. The developers have created a wonderful looking game that has a style unlike anything else out there. The frame rate is also buttery smooth, which is very impressive considering how much is always going on on screen at one time.


TwinSky Studios has also implemented a solid sound design into Indiana Stone. The game has a retro-inspired yet modern sound to it, which fits perfectly here. The music is well suited, and its intensity even boosts up when necessary during gameplay. The sound effects are also very well done. Everything in the sound department matches the well developed atmosphere that has been created by the great voxel art style.


Twinsky Games has created a rock-solid title here. The gameplay is hugely addictive, the controls work perfectly, and the graphics are some of the best (and most unique) I have seen to date on android. Unfortunately I fear this game wont receive the reception it deserves due to its slightly higher than usual $2.99 price tag. I feel that Indiana Stone – The Brave and the Boulder is one of the best games available for android and is well worth every penny. This is one game that shouldn’t be missed.

Whip on over to Google Play to get your hands on this gem.

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Indiana Stone: The Brave And The Boulder Review James Maxwell



Summary: TwinSky Games rolls over its competition with Indiana Stone. The unique graphics style, the hugely entertaining gameplay, and the buttery smooth controls make an experience not to be missed. This game ROCKS!



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