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Speed Freakz Races Onto Android

Independent developer ChromaTrip, best known for the twin stick shoot ’em up Alone In Space, has released a nostalgic new arcade racer called Speed Freakz that plays like someone did an engine swap on Need For Speed Underground with Mario Karts parts. Speed Freakz was designed to resemble a game that could have come out in the golden age of Playstation racers, with its 90’s era sensibilities and distinctive art style it offers a refreshing alternative to the many classic but old racers that have been ported to Android.

This over the top racing title borrows game mechanics from several different racing subgenres. At first Speed Freakz gives the impression that it’s a straight forward arcade racer, which in and of itself is already great, but then the game quickly throws new concepts at you that completely change its dynamics. Drifting plays a huge role in whether you win or lose each race and is quite possibly the most enjoyable part of Speed Freakz. Next thing you know other drivers are launching lightning, proximity bombs, and comically large missiles at you.


Speed Freakz has other tricks up its sleeve as well. A wager system allows players to place bets against other drivers, a great addition that ups the stakes and makes you wonder why this common sense idea was never included in the Need For Speed Underground games. Money earned from racing can be spent on better weaponry, new cars, and an impressive amount of customization options for your vehicle.


Players can also compete against friends for the fastest times using Speed Freakz persistent online leaderboards. Nostalgic, inventive, and unique, anyone who enjoys arcade style racing games will get a kick out of Speed Freakz. It’s available for about a dollar on Google Play along with a free ad-supported edition.

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