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Wacky Platformer Fatty Coming Soon

Indie developer Coatsink Software, best known for its hit titles Pinch 2 and The Wild Kingdoms, is gearing up for the release of their upcoming physics runner Fatty, a hilariously irreverent and incredibly addictive title that offers its own unique twist on the over used running genre. This charming new game follows the misadventures of the comically overweight Fatty and his human pal. It seems they are lost in a strange world and the only way out is to feed the title character so much junk food that he can bounce the both of them home. Eating healthy food and exercise are some of the biggest threats you’ll face in Fatty.


The physics based gameplay in Fatty is both intuitive and dynamically generated, giving Coatsink Software’s intriguing new platformer endless replay value. Players will bounce their way through gorgeously animated environments, avoiding traps like weight reducing gym trainers and scoring massive combos by eating every piece of food they find while flattening everything else in sight. It’s hard not to get a smile on your face the first time Fatty squashes an enemy by jumping on him Mario style. An achievement based mission structure combined with tons of cool unlockables like a jetpack give this silly runner highly addicting gameplay.


So when will we get to play this great looking new game? Fatty is scheduled to launch later this month on Google Play through publisher Thumbstar Games and should cost about a dollar.

Developer Website – Coatsink Software

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