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Brawl Your Way Through The New Rogue-like RPG ‘Asterogue’

Have you been looking for a new rogue-like RPG? Were you hoping it would take place in the future and you would be controlling a badass gun toting robot? Well, if you have your wishes have been granted with the release of Asterogue.

Asterogue is a new rogue-like title from developer Real Human Games.  Asterogue takes a lot of its core elements from the traditional rogue-like formula, but it adds in a great new gesture-based combat system to mix things up a bit. For example tapping on an enemy will fire projectiles towards it, and swiping the screen will perform a melee attack. The gestures are easy to get the learn, and really add a lot to the overall enjoyment of Asterogue.

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You will find yourself facing a myriad of different robotic enemies, ranging from simple stationary turrets all the way up to gigantic boss robots. The game sports a gorgeous cartoon-y art style, and everything just seems to flow very smoothly.

The developers claim that there are over 8 million ‘modules’ (weapons and objects) to collect, three unique worlds to explore, and procedurally-generated levels and enemies – which is to allow for an endless gameplay experience. Chances are that Asterogue is a game that will keep you busy for quite a while.


Shoot your way on over to Google Play to get this new rogue-like for free.

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