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Cross Platform Meta RPG Phone Fight Arrives

Here at SGD, we’ve been playing mobile games for a long time. Some of my fondest memories are of the various pocket monster devices such as the popular Digimon handheld fighting games. In an era when the pinnacle of on-the-go entertainment was the almighty Game Boy, these tiny oddities were baby steps into modern social gaming as we know it. Although they may have been a commercial success, the ideas behind them were far more advanced than technology would allow at the time.

That’s why I get such a strong sense of nostalgia playing indie developer Mob In Life’s awesome new meta RPG Phone Fight. Although Phone Fight only just arrived yesterday, it already feels very much like a spiritual successor to those pocket monster games of yore, but with far more advanced gameplay and several unique twists to the classic formula.

phonefightss1 phonefightss2 phonefightss3

Phone Fight turns your Android device into a digitally living and breathing pocket fighter who exists in a state of perpetual warfare with other mobile devices. You’ll have to train your phone fighter, make sure they are protected from real-time real world hazards like weather, and equip them for battle with all sorts of wacky weaponry and outfits. A ever expanding selection of epic quests await in addition to online battles with other players, even iPhones.


If you remember the feeling of satisfaction you got from defeating your friends pocket monsters on the playground or if you’re just looking for a great new MMO, check out Phone Fight. It’s free on Google Play.


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