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Flip Runner Review

Does Flip Runner try to revolutionize the endless runner genre by introducing some new gameplay mechanics, or does it follow too closely to the norm and end up as just another game in an already overcrowded genre.

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Gameplay & Controls

As with all endless runners, your objective is to avoid all obstacles in an attempt to stay alive as long as possible. This doesn’t differ in Flip Runner, but Deadly Serious Media has introduced a new ‘flipping’ mechanic, that adds a refreshing breath of life into the genre.

Your character will find himself running on a horizontal platform that splits the screen in two halves; a top half and a bottom half.  Both sides of this platform will become riddled with dangerous objects such as spike pits, large boulders, and even fast moving ninja stars. In order to successfully avoid these obstactles you must ‘flip’ your character to the opposite side of the platform, which is done with a simple tap of the screen. I found this mechanic to be unique to the genre, and I found it to work really well here.  Most importantly I found the controls to be very responsive, which is a must for any endless runner to be successful.

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There are two different power ups in Flip Runner. The first is an invulnerability speed boost that is activated once you collect three ‘lightning bolts’ during your run. The second power-up is a shield, which will protect you from one hit during the run. Both of these are very handy, and definitely help to boost your progress further into the game.

Most endless runners make use of a coin collecting currency system, but Flip Runner scraps that system for something a little bit simpler. The game does have a currency system, where you are awarded with $1 for every 100 meters that you run.  Since you wont be focusing your attention on coin gathering you will be just be focussing on the action, which I found to be a nice change for the genre.

The currency you earn through your runs can be used to purchase new hats from the in-game store. The store has a large selection of hats to choose from, and luckily you will be able to unlock them with relative ease. Each run will usually net you nice chunk of change, which means you wont be spending hours of grinding to unlock a new hat.  These hats are merely an aesthetic change for the game, and don’t effect the gameplay in any way. Still, it’s nice to have something to work for.

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One of Flip Runners greatest aspects are its beautiful minimalistic graphics. The game uses a gorgeous color palette, and everything just looks incredibly polished. This great look flows from the level and character design into the in-game menus as well, which makes the whole package something that needs to be seen to be believed. Though there aren’t a lot of animations in the game the ones that are there are very smooth. Everything in Flip Runner flows together nicely, leaving the player with a game that is a real treasure to look at. The developers did a great job of creating a unique and gorgeous game world in Flip Runner.

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Flip Runner has a great sound design, and easily one of the most catchy soundtracks I have ever heard. I really have no clue what genre you would place it into, but it’s certainly unique. It adds a nice amount of charm to the game, and it fits perfectly here. However, just be warned that since the soundtrack is so catchy it may be hard to get these tunes out of your head after you’re done playing.



Flip Runner is a fantastic endless runner that sports one of the nicest art styles I have seen to day. The game throws some unique elements to the genre, and it is a real joy to play. The addition of unlockable hats and in-depth stat tracking add a nice amount of replayability to the game, and any endless runner fan will have a blast with it. Though Flip Runner doesn’t revolutionize the endless runner genre, it manages to be a game that stands out as one of the best ones on the market.

Flip on over to Google Play to get your copy of Flip Runner. It is only $0.99.

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Flip Runner Review James Maxwell



Summary: Flip Runner is an addictive new endless runner that should be picked up by any fan of the genre. The unique physics, the stunning art style, and the catchy soundtrack all combine together to create a game that is well worth downloading.



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