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First Person Adventure Archangel: Martian Orbit Coming Soon

Newly formed indie developer Born3D has an ambitious adventure game on the way that looks to set a new benchmark for mobile exploration titles. Archangel: Martian Orbit is its name and it’s an intriguing mashup of several unique design elements. It blends alternate history, jaw dropping graphics, and genre re-defining gameplay into what is quite possibly the most impressive adventure game ever to hit the Android platform.

archangelss1 archangelss2

While most mobile adventure titles are point ‘n click affairs with only static CG screenshots for visuals, Archangel has full 3D graphics and complete freedom of movement. Players will explore a derelict and deserted Soviet Union spacecraft as the last survivor of a mission to Mars that has gone terribly wrong. With no memory of what happened and few resources at your disposal, it’s a race against time to find and repair the last remaining shuttle in order to escape to the planets surface. It won’t be easy though as the automated defense system has been mysteriously activated and most of the ships equipment has ceased to function.


Archangel: Martian Orbit is currently scheduled to release this August, a full two months ahead of its iOS counterpart. We’ll have more on this impressive new adventure title as it draws closer to launch.

Developer Website – Born3D

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