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Go For The Gold (literally!) in Treasure Tower Sprint

Get your running shoes ready for Sava Transmedia’s new adventure runner Treasure Tower Sprint.

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Treasure Tower Sprint is set in a magical (Persian?) temple that is filled to the brim with the treasures of the mysterious Djin. You control the Prince, who has entered the tower with the goal of reaching the Genie at the top of the tower, while collecting as much treasure as possible on the way. The tower consists of 70 floors to explore; each with it’s own mazes to navigate, enemies to avoid, and treasures to collect. You’re going to have to be quick though, as the tower’s 6 guardians aren’t going to stand around idly while you steal their precious treasure.   

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Aside from just having a unique gameplay style (action, arcade, adventure, runner) Treasure Tower Sprint has several other major features worth mentioning. As you have probably noticed from the screenshots or game trailer, this game sports a brilliant cartoon art style.  The amount of polish here is quite astonishing. Treasure Tower Sprint also includes an in depth upgrade system, so that means you will can boost your characters stats in your attempt to climb higher up the tower. Treasure Tower Sprint is also a game that’s easy to pick up and play, which makes it a game the whole family is going to enjoy.



Sprint over to Google Play to get this gem for just $0.99.


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