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Mythic RTS Dragon Swarm Flys Onto Amazon Apps

Independent developer Spicy Pixel has released their previously iOS only strategy game Dragon Swarm for Android by way of the Amazon Appstore. An innovative RTS title in the tradition of Auralux and Eufloria, Dragon Swarm features great graphics, unique gameplay, and a focus on multiplayer stronger than any mobile strategy game before it.

As the leader of one of several different warring dragon factions, players will vie for dominance around the globe against the other great dragon clans. The key to victory lies in controlling all of the dragon spawning pits on each map by defeating its defenders. Dragon Swarm differentiates itself from its peers like Auralux through the use of expanded gameplay elements like various tower types, specialized units, and much bigger battles.

dragonswarmss1 dragonswarmss2

  • Command dragons in mighty arcade strategy battles!
  • Online and local multiplayer
  • Multiple battlefields
  • Random layouts for limitless play
  • 3D graphics and particle effects
  • Epic music
  • Configurable difficulty


Dragon Swarm is an innovative RTS that breaks new ground for mobile strategy titles. You can pick it up for $.99 on the Amazon Appstore.


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