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Splishi Splashi Review

Is this waterborne endless runner worth diving into, or should you stay out of the water?


Splishi Splashi an endless runner, with an underwater twist. You will be taking control of a small yellow fish that is being constantly pursued by a nasty green fish with huge teeth. Not surprisingly your goal is to avoid getting eaten for as long as possible, and upon death you will be awarded a score depending on how well you have done. To surive longer you must avoid obstacles such as birds and underwater mines, and also make use of the game’s bubble gathering system. You will encounter four different types of bubbles during each playthrough; green, which increases your stamina, blue, which provides a momentary boost of speed, orange, which gives you bonus points, and gold coins give you a nice 4x points boost.

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If you have ever played a game like Dragon, Fly! or Tiny Wings, you will understand how Splishi Splashi’s level progression works. Upon swimming a certain distance you will be greated with a sort of ‘bonus area’ filled with gold coins and stamina boosts. After gathering as many bonuses as you can you will then find yourself in the next level. Each level progression comes with more challenging obstacles, and an ever increasing level of difficulty. I thought this This progression system worked extremely well in Splishi Splashi.

After each game you will be awarded with a score depending how you have performed. However, this score isn’t just for bragging rights, but it also has a double function as XP which is used to unlock larger stamina bars. Increasing this bar is essential for those wanting to get further into the game.  I thought the unlockable stamina bars was a really nice touch by the developer, and it really adds to the replay value of the game.

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Each game earns you XP points, which upon reaching a specified number will grant you with an increased stamina bar, which means you will be able to make it further into the game.  This unlock system put together with the addition of achievements through Google Game Services really adds a lot to the replayability of Splishi Splashi.


Splishi Splashi uses as simple touch control system that has you sliding your finger either up or down on the screen to move your fish. I found the controls to be extremely responsive, and I feel that people of all ages could easily pick this one up with relative ease.

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Splishi Splashi makes use of a gorgeous 8 bit graphics style that stands out as pretty unique. Everything has a nice amount of polish, it is very colourful, and is just a nice thing to look at.  The developers did a great job at creating their own unique 8 bit world.


The sound design in Splishi Splashi is well done, and it fits well with the theme put forward through the graphic style. The game uses a high energy 8 bit soundtrack, that sounds quite good.

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Overall Splishi Splashi is a great new endless runner that is worth diving into. The graphics are great, the gameplay is fun, and it’s just a unique little game. Swim on over to Google Play to get this great absolutely free.

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Splishi Splashi Review James Maxwell



Summary: Splishi Splashi is a great 8 bit inspired endless runner that is fun to play. The XP system and Google Play Services achievements are also a nice addition that really boosts this games replayability.



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