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Unique Puzzler ‘Ending’ Ends Up On Google Play

Ending is a unique new puzzle game from developer Aaron Steed. Ending started out as an internet Flash game, but thankfully it has made the jump to Google Play so that it can be enjoyed while you’re on the go.

ending1 ending3

The best way to explain Ending is through it’s description on Google Play. It states that Ending is a “single player turn based puzzle game about movement and death”. This couldn’t be more accurate. Every time you move your little “@”, it’s the enemies turn to move. If you find yourself with an enemy facing you at the end of your turn it is lights out for you. Getting around each stage really is a puzzle, and requires a whole lot of strategy. Prepare to die… a lot!

The developer recommends Ending to people who like “boardgames, chess, and roguelikes”. After my short time with the Flash version of the game I can definitely see how that this would be the perfect audience for the game. You definitely need to think a turn ahead if you want to succeed.

Here’s a quick note about the game’s development from Aaron Steed himself:

The puzzles came very late in development, stemming from a need to understand the mechanics more in isolated situations. It worked out quite well as a tutorial and also a sandbox to refine mechanics. It also let me keep the roguelike mode ultra hard so that it would be interesting to expert players.


Shuffle on over to Google Play to get this unique puzzle experience for just $0.99


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