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Be An Accidental Hero In JRPG Doom & Destiny

The award winning Xbox Live and Windows Phone RPG Doom & Destiny from indie developer Heartbit Interactive has completed its journey across the perilous platform wastelands and is now available on Android. This tongue-in-cheek adventure tells the tale of four friends who gathered to play their favorite role playing game but instead end up being sucked into a Final Fantasy style world and mistook for the legendary heroes of the story. The reluctant protagonists gradually begin to accept their new roles, but as video game nerds they’ve got more than a thing or two to say about the game their in, which leads to unpredictable and hilarious moments.

doomdestinyss1 doomdestinyss2

In addition to its great story, Doom & Destiny is also a truly great mobile RPG. Its over 20 hour long campaign is complimented with another 20 hours of extra content like side quests, challenges, and special adventures.

The combat has been fine tuned for mobile devices and is quick, responsive, and addicting. Its unique active time battle system is a worthy competitor to classic SNES RPG’s like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger.


Doom & Destiny is hilarious, fun, and addicting. You can pick it up for $.99 on Google Play.


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