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Kick It Into High Gear With Arcade Brawler Roundhouse

An awesome arcade style brawler called Roundhouse has arrived thanks to indie developer Victory Point Games. It’s hilariously absurd premise and old school gameplay make Roundhouse one of the best brawlers to come along in a while.

The title character Roundhouse is a heavy metal frontman that lives in an alternate world where kicking of any kind has been outlawed. He decides to rebel against this draconian law by air kicking at one of his bands shows, until he accidentally kicks a fan in the face which turns him into a fugitive on the run from the law. With no place to go and nowhere to turn Roundhouse will have to kick his way through a talking burrito, homicidal chefs, and Satan himself if he wants to live to rock another day.

roundhousess1 roundhousess2

Roundhouse’s gameplay is a mixture of fighting games like Street Fighter and beat ’em up games like Final Fight. By using a control scheme that’s easy to learn but difficult to master players will be able to juggle enemies, unleash devastating combos, and perform screen clearing finishing moves. Once certain milestones have been achieved in the main campaign extra modes will unlock like endless attack and the boss battles.


Roundhouse is a terrific retro beatdown with great graphics and an entertaining story. You can pick it up for $.99 on Google Play with a free version available as well.


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