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Might & Magic Clash of Heroes Finally Makes Its Way To Android

Might & Magic Clash of Heroes isn’t a new game.  The game was originally released in 2009 for the Nintendo DS, but since then it has been ported to pretty much every platform there is (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS). Now in 2013 it is finally time for android users to get their hands on this fantastic title.

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MM&CH is a perfect conglomeration of several different genres, and is most easily described as a strategic match-3 RPG. The core gameplay revolves around the match-3 element, which is much different than anything else out there. This isn’t another ‘Bejeweled’ RPG, but something altogether new. You are given a team that is made up of a variety of different units; each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Matching 3 or more of the same unit in a horizontal line will create a defensive wall that protects you from incoming enemy attacks, while matching 3 or more of the same unit vertically will cause them to attack the enemy. In order to win each battle you will need to think strategically and know when best to attack or defend.

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There is also a huge RPG element in MM&CH that adds greatly to the addictiveness of the game. The game consists of five interconnected storylines, which are entertaining, and surely will captivate any RPG fan out there. There are more than 40 units to unlock, and each is upgradable through the XP earned through battle. The developers boast that MM&CH will last gamers over 20 hours, which means you’re going to be kept busy for a while.

On top of the brilliant gameplay elements MM&CH also sports a fantastic soundtrack that ties in perfectly with the game’s beautiful graphics. MM&CH has a unique look to it, and from the ground up it is filled with a lot of charm. The aesthetics are just awesome, and likely to be  some of the best you will find on mobile devices.

While the $4.99 price tag may seem a a big high in contrast to the multitude of free and $0.99 games on the market, but Might & Magic Clash of Hereos is well worth every penny. This award winning game has over 20 hours of addictive gameplay, a brilliant art design, and an engaging storyline. Ubisoft has created a real classic with MM&CH, and shouldn’t be missed out on. It’s a real steal at just $4.99.


(Note: The game requires 900MB of free space – so be sure you have that before downloading)

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