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Bombcats: Special Edition Explodes Onto Google Play

Radian Games has just released yet another one of their hugely addictive games with the release of Bombcats: Special Edition. You may have played some of Radian Games’ other hit titles like Slidris, Crush, or Fireball SE, and Bombcats should be no different. Prepare to spend many hours playing this extremely addictive and unique action-physics title.

The premise here is simple, if not a little bit strange. You control one of seven exploding cats, and your goal is to free all of the trapped kittens in each stage. Each of your cats has unique abilities, which will help out in getting everyone last one of those trapped kittens.

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Bombcats: Special Edition is made up of almost 200 levels, so you’re going to be busy with this one for a while. The game consists of four different modes too:

  • Kitten Rescue – Save the kittens trapped in the magic bubble cages and collect all 3 Suns.
  • Time Trail – Race through 5 quick sub-levels to save the kittens as quick as possible.
  • Marathon – You’ve got some extra jumps and a longer fuse, now use them to go as far as you can.
  • Challenges – A new cat and layout in an old level. You’ve got limited attempts, so make each one count.

When Bombcats was originally released on iOS it was free to download, and adopted the freemium game model. Radian Games changed this up on Android, and it will now cost you $2.99 to download, but you wont have to deal with any of those pesky IAP’s.

If you’ve got $2.99 burning in your pocket get on over to Google Play to grab this game. It looks like a real blast.


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