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Friday Night Indie Game Round-up #1

Welcome to the very first edition of our new weekly round-up of the finest up and coming new indie games on Google Play.

BitBattle from Human Pride Games

BitBattle is a new pixel-art multi-lane defense/offense strategy game. You get to choose between several different groups of units; two which you start with, and six which are unlockable by just playing the game. Each of these groups are made up of five unique members; each with their own special attributes. Also, BitBattle is 100% free – so no pesky ads or annoying IAP’s.

bitbattle1 bitbattle2

Download Bit Battle for free from Google Play.



Cilink from DRACO

Cilink is a new addictive arcade game that makes use of a colorful minimalistic art style. You will be tapping on the different colored bubbles to try and start a chain reaction and collect as many circles as are needed to win a level. Cilinik has 80 unique levels, and a gorgeous soundtrack as well.

cilink1 cilink2 cilink3

Cilink is available for free on Google Play.



 Cling! from First5Games

Cling! introduces all new genre to the gaming world which its developers call a “pegformer”. This pegformer takes place in a child’s vending machine, where you will take control of an octopus toy named Edgar that has a need to escape. You must climb on pegs and avoid classic platforming dangers (spikes, falls, and electricity) in your attempt to escape the vending machine.

Check out the Cling! trailer for a taste of this gorgeous and unique game in action: Cling! Trailer

Cling1 cling2

Download Cling! for free on Google Play.



Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel from Ivanovich Games

Crazy Bill is a new retro styled shooter that mixes crude humour and a wild story with into a game that you wont be able to put down. Climb the hotel’s floors and wipe out any zombies that get in your way. The game has a gorgous pixel art style too, which you’ll never find me complaining about. Crazy Bill looks like a game that shouldn’t be missed out on.

Check out the trailer here: Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel Trailer

crazybill1 crazybill2

Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel is a free download on Google Play.



Defender Story from Labour of Love Studio

Defender Story is the most intriguing game to me on this entire round-up. Defender Story is a hybrid game that expertly creates a mix of tower defense and RPG elements into one package. The game takes place in a fantasy themed world, which is portrayed through some fantastic in game artwork. From what I’ve read the game might take a bit of time to get the hang of, but it looks like it should be worth it. This game is unlike anything I have ever come across before, and is most likely to be a must buy for any tower defense fans out there.

Check out this Youtube video to see this unique game in action: Defender Story Video


You can head over to Google Play to get this unique game for just $0.99.



Falling from pixelscrapyard

Falling is a new endless ‘faller’ in which you must guide your little green creature (which I think kind of looks like a frog) down a deep hole while collecting coins and power-ups, and avoiding the mines that are coming your way. As you fall you will gain speed and increase your score multiplyer, but you will also find yourself avoiding faster moving obstacles.  Post your scores on the online leaderboards and see how you rank against others around the world.

falling1 falling2

Fall into this game for free on Google Play.



Fantasy Breaker from Made With Marmalade

Fantasy Breaker, as you might have guessed from its title , is a brick-breaker (arkanoid) style of game that takes place in a fantasy-esque world. Move the paddle at the bottom of the screen to knock the ball at your enemies – such as knights, wizards, and goblins. Use your skills to complete the game’s 50 levels, and post your high score in the online leaderboards. There are achievements to unlock too, so you’re going to be kept busy for quite some time.

fb1 fb2 fb3

Download this unique brick-breaker game for just $1.00 on Google Play.



Illuminated Words from Fungameco

Illuminated Words is a fast paced word game with a great art style. You’ve seen this style of gameplay before, but Illuminated Words adds a unique and beautiful ‘zen’ style to the game through it’s ambient soundtrack, and various color shades that you will unlock. In this game you try to build as long of a word as possible.
iw1 iw2 iw3

Illuminated Words can be grabbed off of Google Play for just $0.99.



Plush from Red Head Games

Plush is a unique puzzle game that has you using stuffed animals to solve a variety of challenging puzzles. The game has 40 levels spread over three difficulty levels, and a freeplay mode as well. This is definitely a unique idea, so be sure to check it out today.

plush1 plush2

Plush is specially priced at $0.99 because of a launch sale.



Space Is Key from ChrisJeff Games

Space Is Key started out as a highly popular flash game but has just recently been ported over to Google Play. This game has been played over 30,000,000 times as a flash game – so you know it’s got to be good. In Space Is Key you must jump with precise timing, or you will be burst into a cloud of tiny particles. The game has over 130 levels, so this is going to be something you’ll have on your phone for quite a long time. All of this is done with a beautiful minimalistic look to it, which is just another great draw to it.

Check out this YouTube video and I’m sure you’ll want to give this game a download: Space Is Key Trailer

spacekey1 spacekey2

Jump onto Google Play and get Space Is Key for just $1.00.



White & The Golden Sword from Cupra Studios

White & The Golden Sword is a new platforming game that is equipped with a sword-based combat system and gorgeous graphics to boot. You take control of White, and your goal is to defeat Obscurus, the Lord of Darkness. You will run, jump, and slash your way through a variety of locales, which are designed in a familiar to fashion to classic 2D platformers. White & The Golden Sword looks like an awesome choice for anyone looking for a high quality platformer that they can take on the go.

Check out the trailer for White & The Golden Sword here: White & The Golden Sword Trailer

white2 white1

White & The Golden Sword comes in two flavours, a Lite version for free, and the paid version for just $1.36.

Lite Version                          Paid Version

get-it-on-google-play1      get-it-on-google-play1


SGDjames’ Top Three Picks of the Week:

  1. Defender Story

  2. Space is Key

  3. Cling!


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